On this page you will find a short narrative and a slideshow related to specific outings and also a link to other past outings.  Some of the photos in these slide shows will end up finding their way into one of my galleries.

Northern Hawk OwlSunday I had it in my head I wanted to get some winter photos of deer.  I was going to drive up near Johnson and check out an area near a deer yard that I found last winter.  Before I left I stopped for gas an as I was filling up my car I started talking to a gentlemen I know filing up his car at the next pump.  He had seen my photos in the local paper and we were talking about them.  He asked if I had gone out that weekend I told him I was heading out then in hopes of getting photos of deer.   He then asked me I passed the deer next to the road within a mile of my house.  I had not so I decided to check it out before I headed to Johnson.   When I drove back I ended up seeing the deer by the road and I sat and watched.   Beyond the three next to the road I saw at least nine more browsing in the alders.  I did not stay there long because I did not want to make them nervous because they were not in a very safe location.  Off I went to Johnson hoping to find more opportunities, I did not however I did find a lot of tracks.
Rather than driving home the same way I decided to go through Stowe and Waterbury.  Driving down Route 100 in Waterbury I saw several photographers hoping to get photos of the northern hawk owl that I saw the week before.  I stop and talked to them.  They had been there all day and had not seen it.  I was curious and headed down another road nearby and found the hawk owl hunting in a field.  I parked down the road a ways so I would not draw to much attention.  When you are standing out in a field however with a 500mm lens mounted on a tripod you tend to be a bit noticeable.   Within minutes there were about a dozen folks that stopped.  An rather than respecting the owls space they started crowding it.  At one point I had to tell them to back off and stop harassing the bird.  Anyway I did get a couple nice photo opportunities.

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