I would like to welcome you to my site, to share in my passion of photography and the beauty of our world.  Each photo represent just a moment in time on one of my outings.  

I do not specialize in anyone subject; on the following pages you will find images of many different subjects.   The only thing they have in common is they are things that either caught my eye and/or I was caught by their beauty.

I hope that my photos will spark a memory of yours or that you might share in one of my moments.

I hope you find enjoyment in the moments that I have captured.

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Return to the northern hawk owl
Sunday I had it in my head I wanted to get some winter photos of deer.  I was going to drive up near Johnson and check out an area near a deer yard that I found last winter.  Before I left I stopped for gas an as I was filling up my car I started talking to a gentlemen I know filing up...


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